Privacy Policy

 ChocoMod, a company incorporated under the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (hereinafter referred to as "choco mode" or "we") is obligated to protect your privacy online.
This privacy policy explains the privacy practices of the website.
And related sub-domains, sites, services, tools, or any successor site (referred to collectively or individually as the "Participating Website", as the context requires). The number of participating websites may vary over time. 

This Privacy Policy outlines
 ("Privacy Policy") Our methods for collecting, storing, using and protecting the information collected as a result of your use of the participating website,
 When providing your information to us, you expressly agree to us that we process your personal information in accordance with the terms of the following privacy policy.

Please read this privacy policy carefully.
 When entering or using our participating website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to all the terms of this privacy policy and the terms of use of our participating website.

 If you do not agree to these terms, please leave this page and do not access or use the participating website.
1. Changes to the Privacy Policy:
 Changes to the law or choco mod actions may require changes to the terms of this privacy policy from time to time, so choco mod urges that you review this privacy policy periodically to see any such changes.
 You are responsible for carefully reading the privacy policy and understanding what it says each time you use the participating website, and your continued use of the participating website means your agreement to comply with the most 
recent version of the privacy policy.

2. One-time login:
 Our website provides a one-time login feature, meaning that after a one-time registration on ChocoMod site you can log in without having to perform another login and log in each time of use
("One-time login"). The one-time sign-in feature provides the advantage of having a single identity - the rules of the participating website you wish to use will be fulfilled and understood
You can also update your account data at any time.

3. The information we collect about you is generally shown in the following two categories:
1- Personal information:
 Your name, address, phone number, email address, user name, password, information related to invoices, credit card, purchase order record, comments, Internet Protocol (IP) address, location, digital device name, type, setting, and data related to your downloading of publications through the service (including data regarding download time, any interruptions, and success Download or failure) and the URL that enabled you to access the 
participating website, demographic information, and other "personal information".
2- General information: 
We also receive some general information from you as a result of you visiting the participating website and using it, and this information does not identify you personally, nor does it include information about the Internet Protocol (IP) address, the time it takes on the participating website, your browsing history, and other "general information" .

4. Dealing with personal information
·          For the purpose of a one-time login, specific personal data is stored centrally in the database of the service providers involved in creating the website.
·          ChocoMod collects your personal information so that we can, among other things, make the website and our services available to you. We take all reasonable steps to protect from unauthorized access, use, change, disclosure, or destruction of personal information. In the event that ChocoMod is sold to others, or otherwise exposed to a merger, unification or acquisition, it will be necessary for us to transfer your personal information to others, and in this case ChocoMod requires third parties to treat your personal information with the same level of care and precaution taken by us.
·  The email address you provided will not be used to process the purchase order except to provide you with information and updates related to your purchase order, in addition to the ability to use it to answer your inquiries and requests. If you decide to join our mailing list, you will receive emails that may include company news and updates, information about relevant products or services, and more. You can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time by following the instructions shown at the end of each email, or by contacting us via our participating website.
·  Other than what may be required to operate the participating website, or as described in the terms and conditions of the participating website or these terms, we disclose your personal information to others as reasonably required to protect our rights and safety and the rights and safety of users of the participating website or as required by the authorities law enforcement. The operational purposes of ChocoMod include, but are not limited to:
o   Using Chocomod to companies and / or other individuals to perform tasks on their behalf (such as processing payments made by credit cards or local or global services to host / store data via cloud computing or others), and in these cases these companies or these individuals will be authorized to access the information Personal only required to perform their duties (and on the basis of agreement only that they will not use your personal information for any other purpose);
o   The purposes related to delivering posts to you, checking the authenticity of your account information, checking access to your posts, determining whether you meet the minimum system requirements for using the service, providing customized content and instructions to you, providing targeted offers, providing support to customers, and obtaining your inputs Related to ChocoMod and the Participating Website.
·  To maintain the security of your personal information, we make sure that the exchange of data of a sensitive and private nature between you and the participating website takes place through a communication channel secured with a secure socket layer and that it is encrypted and protected with digital signatures, in the communication channels secured with the secure socket layer designed specifically to protect the information Of a personal and sensitive nature (payment details) that are sent online.
·  In addition to the above, we may use third-party service providers to help us manage our business, the participating website, or manage activities on our behalf, such as sending newsletters.
We will share your information with these other third parties for these limited purposes only if you agree to the terms and conditions.
·  You may review or update your personal information with ChocoMod related to your account by communicating with Choco Mod and requesting the cancellation of the account. If you want, click here to submit the request.
5- Dealing with general information:
ChocoMod also collects your personal information so that we can, among other things, better understand users and improve the layout and function of the participating website.
ChocoMod may use and disclose the anonymous information from your personal information, in order to inform publishers, advertisers, and other interested parties about usage habits, ChocoMod customer base features, or to serve any other business purposes.

6      . Cookies:
1-    ChocoMood may use cookies or other technologies to remember personal information or public information when you use the participating website.
·         Cookies are small files or logs that ChocoMode may place on a web browser to collect information about your activities on the participating website, prepare reports and evaluate trends, in order to identify relevant advertisements based on interests of customer service and rather monitor the way the participating website is used.
·         ChocoMod may also use services hosted by other third parties, to help with these issues, which may collect data, such as your IP address, sent via the browser or via cookies.
·         The goal is to enhance convenience and comfort and to help ChocoMod achieve efficiency in its business.
2-    The use of cookies is relatively standard, as most browsers are originally set to accept cookies.
·         However, if you choose not to store cookies, you can choose to:
·         Not to use the participating website
·         Set the browser to notify you when a cookie is received
·         Set the browser to refuse or accept cookies
·         Deleting cookies after visiting the website
·         Browse the site using the anonymous usage setting
Be sure to accept the terms of your acceptance of ChocoMood cookies and any other similar technologies intended for these purposes
7- Any information that we collect and store in person is subject to protection by appropriate means, and despite the fact that ChocoMod does so, it will not be held responsible for any unauthorized access by other parties illegally through intrusions and others.
8- The participating website may include links to other websites, so please be aware that ChocoMod is not responsible for the privacy practices on third party websites (except for participating websites) that ChocoMod does not manage, and that it cannot guarantee the security of any of your personal information that is collected on her. Accordingly, ChocoMode urges you to read the privacy statements of every third-party website that collects your personal information.
9- If you have any questions or comments regarding the privacy policy, please write to us.